Technosim Advanced Energy Solutions Energy Efficeincy Experts
Technosim’s clients can be found in several areas of the private and public sectors:
  • GWL
  • Hydro-Québec
  • 20Vic
  • Société québécoise des infrastructures
  • OEE (Office of Energy Efficiency)
  • Industrielle Alliance
  • La Capitale
  • CanmetENERGY
  • Gaz Métro
  • Gazifère
  • GM Développement
  • Rosdev
TECHNOSIM Consulting Group

A wide variety of energy related projects have been completed at Technosim over the past three years. The following list presents a selection of typical projects.

  • Energy Audit and recommissioning of Commerce Court in Toronto.
  • LEED Simulation of the "La Capitale" new corporate headquarter in Quebec City.
  • Emergy Audit and biomass energy use analysis and optimisation for 10 furniture plants.
  • Design of an advanced biofilter heating system.
  • Modelling and optimisation of a commercial electric thermal storage heating systems.
  • Energy Audits for a fast food restaurant chain - San Fransisco
  • Evaluation of the energy efficiency potential in the province of Québec for the residential, commercial and industrial sectors.
  • Evaluation of the technical and economic potential of GAX absorption heat pumps in Canada
  • Development of the ground-source heat pump model for NRCan’s RETscreen pre-feasibility evaluation tool.
  • Development of an energy use evaluation tool for commercial HVAC equipment in Canada.
  • Energy Audits for 6 large shopping Center throughout Canada - over 1 million square foot each.
  • Development and commissioning of advanced controls for a low temperature calorimeter facility.
  • Design of an HVAC system for New-York city subway cars.
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